【上海招聘】全球性人才战略公司优兴咨询(Universum)急招Digital Creative Director等【已过期】




【上海招聘】全球性人才战略公司优兴咨询(Universum)急招Digital Creative Director等【已过期】

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About Universum Universum is the global leader in Employer Branding services, with operations on five continents. We meet new challenges continuously when providing our corporate clients with research, strategic consulting and media solutions within Employer Branding. We offer a diverse and dynamic atmosphere and many of our employees believe that the strength of the company is the inspiring colleagues. Satisfying needs of global leaders in their respective industries puts high demands on dedication and skills of our organization. Universum is a trusted partner to 1,200 clients, including many Fortune 500 companies, and co-operates with 1,500 universities worldwide to conduct research on the career and employer preferences of top talent. Last year, Universum surveyed over 450,000 students and professionals worldwide, producing indexes of employer attractiveness for over 28 markets and the only global ranking of employer attractiveness: the world’s most attractive employers. Our mission is to create the best possible match between employers and talent by providing knowledge, guidance and actionable insights. We make it possible to create a better talent market, contribute to the success of talent and employers and ultimately to a better world. 优兴咨询(Universum)是一家专注于雇主品牌的全球人才战略公司。1988年成立之初,其目标在于提高学生与雇主之间的沟通。如今,优兴咨询的宗旨是成为连接雇主与人才的桥梁,通过提供全方位的调研、战略咨询及人才沟通方案,为学生提供雇主信息以支持其职业发展,同时帮助雇主更好地理、吸引并留住现在及未来的理想人才。 优兴咨询是全球1200多位客户信赖的合作伙伴,其中包括很多财富500强企业。同时,我们也与全球近1800所高校合作,每年针对50万学生进行关于顶尖人才职业及雇主偏好的调查。





#Digital Team Copywriter# Job Description As a Copywriter and Social Media Specialist, you will be a part of the Universum digital department, with hubs in Stockholm, New York, Singapore and Shanghai. You will work closely with a fast-paced, highly capable team with a collective ambition to educate the market on Employer Branding through Universum’s digital solutions. Key responsibilities include: 1、Creating Social Media campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world, focusing on the core essence of Employer Branding: storytelling 2、Playing a key role in concept development, production and project management Desired Skills and Experience We think that you have a successful track record in copywriting within the social media domain. While you enjoy interacting with clients you have an aptitude for innovation and seek an environment where you can work with fun and exceptional people. You view your career as an integral part of your personal development. Specific requirements are: 1、2-4 years of experience in copywriting and a proven track record in creating content for Social Media campaigns 2、Strong written and oral communication skills 3、You are familiar with HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Social Media App technology (preferred) 4、You are currently based in Shanghai #copywriter文案# 主要职责: 1、为世界知名品牌设计社交网络营销Campaign,擅长storytelling 2、负责创意构思、创作和项目管理 职位要求: 1、2-4年文案经历,并有社交媒体Campaign文案编写经历; 2、口头书面表达能力优秀; 3、热衷于和客户互动,并具有创新精神; 4、熟悉HTML, CSS, Photoshop和社交媒体App优先; 5、目前居住在上海。 工作地点:上海 工作待遇:面谈 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Digital Creative Director # Our Digital Creative Director will lead and build up a talented team that will create internationally recognised work. This position will be charged with leading, inspiring and growing the digital team with creative technology; sharing knowledge across departments, and helping position Universum Digital as an industry leader in digital innovation. Responsibilities: 1、Make the work better by leveraging the power of technology and design. 2、Bring human centric design principles to creative ideas. 3、Educate, inspire and provide thought leadership on interactive technologies to the wider agency and industry. 4、Oversee and manage creative technology, developer, designer, and IA/UX design. 5、Work closely with digital and creative members to guide the interactive execution of projects from an interaction design, IA/UX, usability and development perspective. 6、Work closely with Head of Digital and Social Media Manager to continually optimize our interactive offering in terms of staffing, process and internal education. 7、Participate in client meetings and new business pitches. 8、Prototype and research/evaluate emerging technologies. 9、Work with and deeply understand media platforms and technology vendor services. 10、Help define technical deliverables during project inception. 11、Maintain high coding standards and practices and exercising quality control on all aspects of development. 12、Good sense of motion and design and is clear on UX/UI design as well as the digital ecosystem. 13、Able to execute the digital design from websites, microsites to mobile apps interfaces independently. Desired Skills and Experience Requirements: 1、5 years plus of deep interactive development/production experience with proven expertise and a portfolio of outstanding work. 2、Proven track record as an art-based digital creative who is strong in User Experience and UI design, and relevant web design software. 3、Able to effectively articulate sound recommendations, both internally and with our clients when it comes to the digital landscape. 4、Possess an understanding and appreciation for integrated marketing. 5、Ability to handle multiple projects in a fast-paced environment. 6、Fluent in English. Native in Mandarin #Digital Creative Director# 主要职责: 1、通过平衡技术和设计的力量使工作完成更出色; 2、将以人为本的原则加入创意理念; 3、在交互技术方面发挥教导、激励和领导作用; 4、监督和管理创新技术,开发人员,设计师,IA/ UX设计; 5、与数字部门和创意部门紧密合作,以交互设计、IA /用户体验、易用性和开发的视角指导项目的互动执行; 6、与创意群总监,数字部门负责人和数字内容策划密切合作,通过优化人员配备、业务流程和内部培训,不断提升互动实力; 7、参加客户会议和新业务比稿; 8、研究技术原型并评估新兴技术; 9、在项目启动时帮助确定社会媒体应用技术; 10、提升多媒体技术水平,在开发的各方面实行质量控制; 11、出色的动作感和设计感,在清楚了解UX/UI 设计的同时,也非常了解数字营销体系; 12、独立完成网站、微型网站、移动APP的数字设计。 职位要求: 1、5年以上深度互动开发/制作的经验,具有专业知识和出色的工作能力; 2、擅长用户体验,UI设计及其他相关的网站设计软件; 3、涉及数字领域时,能够在内部或者与客户的会议中提出有效完善的建议; 4、对整合营销有独到的认识; 5、在快节奏的环境中处理多个项目的能力; 6、中文母语,英语流利。 工作地点:上海 工作待遇:面谈


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