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Who we are 我们是谁

Rewir is a brand consultancy based in Shanghai. We are part of the Swedish stock-market listed Intellecta Group that was founded in 1933 and employs 500 people in 11 countries. Rewir (瑞蔚)是位于上海的一家品牌管理咨询公司。我们是瑞典上市公司Intellecta(英特来)集团旗下的子公司之一。Intellecta(英特来)集团成立于1933年,目前在全球11个国家设有子公司,拥有500名雇员。 We are global brand consultants on a mission to inspire business leaders in China on how to build brands that build business. 我们是一家拥有国际视野的品牌咨询公司。我们的任务是为在中国开展业务的商业领袖开启灵感之门,帮助其发展品牌,创造财富。 We are business-minded, but creative by nature. We combine hard data and gut feeling. Evidence and intuition. Our left brain as much as our right brain. 我们充满创造力,富有商业头脑。我们将数据与直觉结合,理性与感性结合。我们的大小脑一样发达。 We only do 3 things, but we do them really well: Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Brand Advisory. 我们只做三件事并把他们做到最好:品牌策略、品牌设计以及品牌建议。 Collaboration is our signature way of working. Our clients are crucial collaborators and co-creators. We prefer to co-create as apposed to presenting and seeking approval. 我们特有的工作方式是全方位合作。我们的客户将是所有成果的合作方以及共创人。我们更期待与客户共同创造,而不是单一的呈现以寻求肯定。 Our culture 我们的文化: We’re a small team of experienced consultants that are passionate about building brands. Our clients love working with us because we’re humble, approachable and friendly folks, they’ve told us. We like to believe they work with us because we inspire them to do better. 我们的小团队由富有经验、对品牌盛满热情的顾问构成。选择我们的客户喜欢我们的友好、谦虚、接地气。我们相信我们已经帮助他们的品牌变得更好。 我们需要新业务拓展总监(New Business Director) 简历请投:jade.li@rewir.com(邮件标题注明SocialBeta读者+应聘企业+城市+应聘岗位,如:SocialBeta读者xxx应聘-rewir-上海-新业务拓展总监,并请抄送jobs@socialbeta.com)

Your responsibilities 你的职责

You’re focused on acquiring new clients. You do this by: 你将会主要负责吸引新客户: Using your commercial mindset to spot opportunities 用你的商业视野发现机会 Using your pro-active attitude to generate prospects 用你的积极态度创造合作可能 Using your sales skills to turn prospects into clients 用你的销售技巧把合作可能变成确定客户 Using your people skills to make clients come back for more 用你的人际技巧让我们的客户下回还来

Your position 你的职位

You report to the Managing Director China (Dutch) 你会向中国区执行董事(荷兰人)汇报 You work primarily with the Account Director (Canadian born Chinese), Strategy Director (Swedish) and Creative Director (Swedish) 你会主要与客户总监(加拿大籍华人)、策略总监(瑞典人)、创意总监(瑞典人)合作 You work secondarily with our Consultants (Chinese) 你还会与我们的其他顾问合作(中国人) You might also run into our office puppy Puxi 你还可能偶遇我们的办公室小狗-浦西

Your profile

你还需要尽可能多的满足如下条件 You tick off most of theses boxes: You speak fluent English and Chinese 你的中英文需要十分流利 You have at least 8 years work experience of which most sales focused 你需要至少8年工作经验(大部分以销售为主) You have experience selling to Chinese management teams and CEO’s 你需要懂得如何向中国管理团队、大总裁推销 You have a commercial mindset 你需要有商业头脑 You have an affinity with branding and communication. 你需要有一定的品牌、市场传播概念

What we offer 我们将提供

Join a team that inspires each other to do better 一个团结互助的团队 Join a stable company that is part of a stock-market listed group 一个稳定的上市母公司 Join a company with a Swedish heritage (Google “Work like a Swede”) 一个流淌着瑞典血统的公司文化(请百度瑞典工作方式) Join a growing company that has a clear goal and strategy 一个有着明确目标、发展方向的成长型公司 Come to work at Ferguson Lane on Wukang Lu / Tai’an Lu in Shanghai 位于上海武康路、泰安路交接的优越办公地点 20 holiday days per year and a Macbook Air 每年20天假日,一台Mac Air电脑 Receive a competitive base salary + sales commission and secondary benefits 一份有竞争力的薪水+销售提成+其他福利  
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