【上海招聘】6e digital六弈互动找客户经理、客户主任、文案、实习生等【已过期】




【上海招聘】6e digital六弈互动找客户经理、客户主任、文案、实习生等【已过期】

SocialBeta | 2014-09-19 11:41
作为行业领先的数字营销公司,我们坐落于上海,为来自全球各地的企业与品牌提供创意定制的互动营销策略和网络技术应用服务。 我们已经为来自不同行业的80余个品牌提供了数字营销解决方案,并持续以领先的创意、坚实的执行与强大的技术支持为客户创造超乎想象的营销体验。
Pioneers of digital and social innovation in a rapidly evolving internet environment. We create highly customized multi-channel digital marketing solutions for our clients, providing strategy/planning, design and technical development services for over 80 brands across a wide range of different industries.


我们的客户是谁/who are our clients? 超过80% 的客户都是世界500强或跨国公司,包括L’Oréal欧莱雅集团,UNIQLO优衣库,HSBC汇丰银行,Allianz安联保险,Clarins娇韵诗,Goodyear固特异、KOHLER科勒、Bordeaux Wines波尔多葡萄酒行业协会,IBM国际商业机器公司,LAMY凌美,Mercedez-Benz梅赛德斯-奔驰, Volkswagen大众汽车, Buick别克, 华住酒店集团等国内外知名品牌。 We serve clients from a broad range of industries, including Fashion, Cosmetics, Financial Services, Automobiles, F&B, and more. Over 80% of them are industry-leading international MNCs and/or publicly listed companies such as L’Oreal, UNIQLO, HSBC, Allianz, Clarins, Goodyear, Kohler, Bordeaux Wines, IBM, LAMY, Mercedez-Benz, Volkswagen, Buick and others. 我们提供哪些服务/what services do we provide? 1.社会化媒体营销,包括运营和维护(长期)以及基于不断变化的市场提供精准的计划或执行方案。 2.平台开发,包括微信服务号开发,手机APP开发,活动网站以及企业官方网站开发及运维。 3.线上线下互动,包括数字装置制作和事件营销。 4.视频制作,病毒视频、动画视频与高水准数字化TVC制作,并通过社交媒体推广。 5.数字策略咨询——如何实现你的业务目标。 1.Digital strategy consulting – helping our clients achieve their business goals. 2.Social media marketing, including operation & maintenance (retainer) and campaign-based idea conception and execution. 3.Platform development, including WeChat CRMs, mobile APPs, mobile-sites, mini & tab sites and corporate site development. 4.O2O (Online to Offline) execution, including digital installations and events management. 5.Viral video marketing; digital to TVC production quality with integrated social media push. 我们提供/what we can offer you
  • 天马行空的异次元空间,舒适自由的工作环境(上海虹口龙之梦附近)
  • 具有行业竞争力的薪酬福利(五险一金+12天起的带薪年假)
  • 超级有爱的团队
  • A comfortable, spacious working environment, over 1000m2 and near to Hongkou Cloud Nine Shopping Mall
  • A competitive compensation package (minimum 12 days annual leave and comprehensive social security benefits)
  • International team of fun-loving individuals
通过不间断的创新,来推广数字化营销,是很艰难的。我们努力工作的同时,也热爱自己的工作,行动起来,马上去做!如果你渴望挑战,那么欢迎你加入我们的大家庭。 It's not easy being at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of digital experimentation. We work hard, and love what we do, that’s why we kick-ass doing it! If you share our passion and are willing to step up to the challenge, we’d like to welcome you to the 6e family. 如果你对任何以下的岗位有兴趣并符合相关的要求,请不要犹豫将你的简历发送至我们的邮箱! 简历投递处:【已过期】(邮件标题请注明SocialBeta读者+应聘岗位,如:SocialBeta读者xxx应聘-客户经理,并请抄送jobs@socialbeta.com) 合则约见,欢迎各位踊跃投简历加入我们。 If you are interested in any of the roles below, and meet the associated requirements, please send your resume to:hr@6edigital.com and specify the role that you are applying for.


Account Manager客户经理

职位描述: 1.能充分了解客户的传播目标,主动提供给客户以高价值的数字营销传播建议; 2.熟悉社会化媒体工作流程,为客户提供社会化媒体传播的专业服务; 3.负责数字营销传播计划的执行,保证工作项目的时间进度; 4.保证服务质量和客户的满意度。 任职要求: 1.优秀的英语听说读写能力; 2.至少2-3年的数字营销广告公司客户服务经验; 3.能独立面对客户,并独立处理工作中的问题,保证工作项目的时间进度; 4.具备较高的工作效率,组织能力和沟通表达技巧; 5.有强烈的责任感和上进心,愿意分享和善于沟通,有较强的团队合作精神。 1. Ability to understand unique client requirements and provide strategic, relevant digital marketing solutions to address their needs; 2. Be familiar with the local social media ecosystem and advise clients in developing effective social media marketing campaigns; 3. Responsible for implementation of a digital marketing communications plan and ensuring that the project’s work schedule is met; 4. Ensure consistent high quality project delivery and maintain high client satisfaction. Requirements: 1. Proficient in spoken and written English; 2. Minimum 2-3 years’ of client management experience at a digital marketing agency; 3. Able to independently manage client relationships; 4. Able to manage a project timeline; 5. Strong organizational skills and the ability to multi-task with attention to detail; 6. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work effectively in teams.

Account Executive 客户主任

职位描述: 1.熟悉社会化媒体工作流程,为客户提供社会化媒体传播的专业服务; 2.负责数字营销传播计划的执行,保证工作项目的时间进度; 3.准确传递客户的需求,及时跟进处理客户反馈的问题; 4.与客户保持良好的沟通,能及时汇报工作进度; 5.参与项目的讨论,并提出建设性的建议。 任职要求: 1.广告、传媒、公关、新闻、市场营销等专业优先; 2.良好的英语听说读写能力; 3.具有好奇心、猎奇心和创意心,对新事物有较好地领悟能力; 4.对待工作认真负责,具备较高的工作效率,组织能力和沟通表达技巧; 5.1-2年的数字营销广告公司客户服务经验。 1. Familiar with the local social media ecosystem; 2. Responsible for the execution of a digital marketing communications plan; 3. Understand and convey client requests as well as follow-up on any client feedback; 4. Maintain good relations with clients; 5. Participate and contribute to project discussions. 1. Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in digital advertising, public relations, marketing, and other related industries; 2. Proficient in spoken and written English; 3. Naturally curious with a creative mind; 4. Strong organization skills and the ability to multi-task effectively; 5. 1-2 years’ experience of client management at a digital marketing agency.

Copywriter 文案

职位描述: 1.参与概念创意前期规划,将创意概念以文字的形式精准诠释; 2.广告语创意、主题创意、微博微信内容、视频脚本、海报文案等编写策划; 3.探索各种维度和调性的品牌风格,形成针对其的个性化创作创意; 任职要求: 1.广告、汉语言文学、新闻学及相关专业者优先,其他专业文案能力强者,我们也非常欢迎; 2.有企业宣传策划、新闻写作及媒体广告工作经验1-2年; 3.具有较强的理解能力、语言表达能力及执行能力; 4.能熟练运用各种办公软件,善用PS等美图工具者优先; 5.英文良好,可以较为熟练地阅读英文资料; 6.对待工作主动、负责有耐心,有强烈的责任感和上进心; 7.了解互动广告,关注主流社交平台,玩转微博、微信、洞悉热点新闻。 1. Participate and contribute to the creative ideation process based on client briefs; 2. Write copy for advertisements, social media content, video scripts, brochures, and other client material where necessary; 3. Experiment with different writing styles to meet varying client needs. Requirements: 1. Relevant education in advertising, Chinese language, or journalism is preferred, but candidates with background in professional copywriting are also welcome to apply; 2. Minimum 1-2 years’ professional experience in a PR, advertising or journalism role; 3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills; 4. Proficiency in office productivity and photo editing software; 5. Proficient in reading English material; 6. Self-motivated and takes pride in your work. 7. Experienced in interactive advertising, possessing indepth knowledge of mainstream social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat.

Intern 实习生

1.大学本科,在校学生,广告学、 市场营销、传播学等相专业出身优先; 有互动媒体相关经验的优先。 2.热爱广告行业,对广告事业充满热情。 3.喜欢玩微博微信,精通各类应用,懂各种网络语言;文笔优秀,喜欢玩BBS、校内等社区网站。 4.具有敏锐的洞察力,较强的理解能力,善于表达和沟通,具备良好的语言表达能力及应变能力。 5.阅读、摄影,旅行等兴趣广泛,思维活跃,细心、耐心。 6.每周一到五可以保证4天全勤,至少可以持续实习3个月,表现佳者有转正机会。 7.熟练运用办公软件,会PS的优先考虑。 表现优异的实习生将获得全职转正的机会哦! 1. Open to recent college graduates or undergraduate in their 3rd and 4th year of studies in a marketing, advertising, or communications course. 2. Passionate about the advertising industry. 3. Proficient in Weibo/Wechat functionality, interest in social media in social networking sites. 4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 5. Broad range of interests in areas such as reading, photography, travel, and others. 6. Proficient in the use of office software, candidates with experience in Photoshop are preferred. 7. Able to commit to at least 4 working days a week, for a period of at least 3 months. High-performing interns may be offered full-time employment!


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